Rules of The Golden Triangle

Rules of The Golden Triangle

In past monthly newsletters, we have made reference of our concept of The Golden Triangle.  We will develop it in more detail throughout the course of future editions of our magazine. Briefly, we believe there are 3 components to art business: Artist, Collector, and Gallery.

          Artists are kind of isolated souls in their dealings with everyday life and its complicated rules that will exhaust them if there is no creative outlet. Creative individuals are the vital members of any society.  They care about everything and everyone. Fortunately, in the case of fine art, there are no language barriers and creative expressive horizons of the Artists are border-less and free.   With their observant eyes, they express their opinions and portray the demands and shortcomings of our time on canvas, bronze or other mediums of expression.

Artists are capable yet silent ambassadors of cultural exchanges heralding what is going on in every corner of the world.  With that said, one has to always remember that true Artists are like children; always in need of protection and nurturing to be able to create.

Artists want to be at a place where they can’t be betrayed nor taken advantage of, so they can freely express themselves. By doing so, Artists can secure elemental means of human existence.  This is where the powerful role of the art dealer comes to the board.

The art dealer adapts the role of a so called managing-protector, with no sharp interference to the creative process. The art dealer gently watches over the Artists’ work ethics, their emotional and financial stability and, consequently, becoming somewhat surrogate parents.

Marie Claude Valat at her Atelier, France.

The gallery and its team, with all its past and present reputation, builds a trusting relationship with Artists and Collectors by examining and negotiating their needs and demands.

Tamara with Art Collectors at Le Vernissage Gallery

From the stand point of modest appetite in profiting and never abandoning their Collectors in times of financial pressures or changes of heart, the galleries have a dominant role of a balancing force to keep the vital energy flowing between the links of The Golden Triangle.

Lastly, Collectors don’t just come and knock on your door to join the trio. But, it is not a secret that presence of Collectors is instrumental for successfully completing the triangle.

Most of the time the Collector is gentle, emotional, financially capable, cultured and an extremely polished professional who is in search of beauty and inspiration for the enrichment of their Universe.

 Sometimes they are well informed followers of the art market nuances and its profit generating offerings. At times, Collectors are young dreamers and beginners that are ready to just start a journey in the noblest pleasure of collecting.

Tamara Hovhannisyan, PhD

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