Observations on Lifespan and Creativity, The Life of Andreas Morello by Tamara Hovhannisyan, Ph.D

Being in the art industry for over 2 decades, as the owner of one of the oldest galleries in Carmel, and being an observer of creative individuality, I have come across discoveries that have practically stunt me.  Such is the case with the artist I am going to tell you about, Andreas Morillo, whom I consider to be one of the golden discoveries of my observant mind. 

He is an older familiar face, a local to Carmel.  He lives in his own creative wonderland without deadlines, financial struggles, and without competing with anyone. 

Andreas lives in a happy home, under the perfect conditions, with the complete freedom to follow the mind.

At his age, his creativity, under ordinary situations could have already reached its sunset; yet, surprisingly, the time for Andreas is going backwards.  His mind is going forward.  He is diving big into everything.  His ideas are getting fresher and wider. 

Sometimes I find myself analyzing the events of the day and he pops out, always simple, always kind, and he, somewhat carelessly, brings in and spreads out, over the gallery floor, his latest batch of surprising art works without any need for conversation from the two of us.

Andreas has already enjoyed recognition for his landscapes and seascapes in the Carmel art scene, but I have been the witness of the birth and surprises of Andreas Morello’s expressionism.

In the shell of a wrinkled body, he is the one who is trying to rip the time from the past that he could have already started a long time ago. The incredible collection of expressions in his works are the product of his restless mind. He is a scholar, a risk taker and, he knows A-Z of the technics of Art.
Andreas loves anyone and everything that leaves a mark in the history of contemporary art. He materializes his soul and brushstrokes through restless experimenting and creativity, managing to join people who crate and leave unforgettable marks in the world of art. Andreas, unbeknown to him, is reaching unreachable dreams and, he is going to join the giants.

Do you know why his brave and unusually fresh expressions are there immortalized in his canvas?
Who is going to harvest those?
Who is going to direct the artist’s destiny?
What is the secret for this metamorphosis?
Who does he have to worship and thank for his blossoming spring?
And who is going to register the unusual merger of his realism and expressionism?
Is he going to be working with someone close enough to be introduced properly?
I don’t know; but, as someone who feels close to art and creativity, and as person who loves the town and its fruits, I feel I have to hint to my clients a sense of this exotic artist.
The rest belongs to you, and the artistic community. What can we wish for him? Longevity and endless flow of creative energy.

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