About Us

Dear Friends and Collectors:  We humbly admit that we might be debutant swimmers in the ocean of art and its multi-surfaced emotional and aesthetic offerings.  We took the courage to share the fruits of our observations and experience serving art needs of national and international elite, beginners and mature art Collectors.

We might not be perfect in everything, and we are not here to claim discoveries. This is an attempt to share the wealth of experience and the joy that we gather with your irreplaceable loyalty and trust.

It was an honor for the team of Collectors and Le Vernissage Galleries to be at your service all these precious years, and we thank you for that.

Welcome to the Art of Collecting

Tamara & Jack

Our Approach

Our Mission

To share our valuable knowledge of art collecting with our clients.

Our Story

Tamara Hovhannisyan, PhD

Poet, Art Philanthropist, Doctor in Philology, founder of: Collectors Galleries and Le Vernissage Galleries of Fine Art, and The Art of Collecting Magazine

Our Story

Our Story is the embodiment of the colorful Journey into the world of Art and Art Collecting.

Meet the Team, Companions in the Journey of Art

Tania & Tonka Truck

Tania Scroggie

Head of Media & IT & Co-Founder of The Art of Collecting

Tania brings to the magazine her experience of living at the intersection of Art, Technology and Philosophy

Ann Wagner

Ann Wagner

Chief Co-Editor

Ann, an avid and highly educated Art Collector, brings years of experience in culture, technical and scientific writing to the team of The Art of Collecting.


Cristian Korn

Cristian Korn

Artist & Permanent Contributor

Cristian is an encyclopedic artist who frequently lectures at European Museums.  He contributes his knowledge of politics, history, and culture and their ramifications in the world of art.

Miriam Chavez

Miriam Chavez

Editor for the Spanish Version of the Magazine

_DSC5904 copy

Sarkis Sakiz

We Welcome Master Jeweler Sarkiz Sakis to the team of The Art of Collecting.  He will guide us into the Art of Collecting Jewelry


Martin Procter

We welcome the invaluable contribution of Artist and Architect Prof. Martin Procter to the team of The Art of Collecting