Editor’s Note

Message from the Editor

Dear Friends and Collectors:

We can’t seem to get away too far from the challenges that continue at the gallery, it has been a long year and we have learned to use our challenges to be more creative and maintain our commitment to share with you a world of art collecting.

Welcome to the Third Issue of The Art of Collecting

Tamara Hovhannisyan, Ph.D

Editor’s Note – Issue 2

Dear Friends and Collectors:

The Challenges in the Journey of art have continued and have made it very difficult to stay more frequently in touch with you.  For that, we sincerely apologize.

However, we remain committed to sharing our hard-earned knowledge of twenty plus years in the world of art collecting.

Welcome to the second issue of The Art of Collecting.

Tamara Hovhannisyan, PhD

Editor’s Note – Issue 1

Dearest Friends and Collectors,

Welcome to the first issue of our new magazine, “The Art of Collecting.”  After being in the art business for 21 years we discovered that we are not here just for the sake of business alone.  It is time for us to share the joy and discoveries of the art business to enlighten our Friends and Collectors.  We humbly admit that we might be debutant swimmers in the ocean of art and its multi-surfaced emotional and aesthetic offerings.  We took the courage to share the fruits of our observations and experience serving art needs of national and international elite, beginners and mature art Collectors.

It was an honor for the team of Collectors and      Le Vernissage Galleries to be at your service all these precious years, and we thank you for that.

The truth is, we might not be perfect in everything, and we are not here to claim discoveries. This is an attempt to share the wealth of experience and the joy that we gather with your irreplaceable loyalty and trust.

The demands of life are very tense.  People have enormous responsibilities that are hunting them day and night and they are looking to find a refuge from them.  Believe us, we do have the remedy.  Years of experience have taught us that art is the only place where our restless minds can find peace and harmony.  So, our dear Friends and Collectors, welcome to The Art of Collecting.  

Publisher’s confession

Have you ever been afraid to start the things you know how to do best? Well, I must be honest with you. I am in that situation.  It seems to me that I was familiar with the Alpha through Omega of the field since I grew up in media craziness. Being the daughter of an editor made me part of the profession, first as a curious kid, and then as a teenage contributor.

Now, in my early sixties, the fear of imperfection is trying to hold me back from trying to bring that experience from one side of the world to the other.

Sometimes our past experiences are becoming the wealth of our presence, and we need to have the courage to use it.

So, I’m not going to give in since I know the reason: it’s the language, my biggest fear of all.  I know I will never be in peace with it, and will always be somewhat the victorious loser. It happens when trying to conquer any new language later in life. On the other hand, I know that my dear Friends and Collectors recognize my penmanship with the character of my imperfections. So, as usual, I am going to be myself: imperfect, and the decision has been made.

Let us share our inspirational first baby with all of you. We open our hearts with no fear of comments, corrections, and opinions that will lead us to the right path while we grow.

This dream will never have been conceived without you.

So, it is our time to give something back to you, our Friends and Collectors for your two decades of loyalty and encouragement.


Always Humbly Yours,

Tamara Hovhannisyan, PhD